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Model Universal Laser Boresight
Minimum Range for Sighting 15 yards
Maximum Range for Sighting 100 yards
Wavelength 645nm - visible red diode laser
Operation on/off end cap
Battery Life 1 hour (continuously on)
Power <5mW
Power Supply

(3) LR41 batteries for .223
(3) L626 for 9mm
(4) L626 for 30 Carbine

Dot size 1.5 @ 100 yards
Boresight Model .223 Boresight compatible with the following arbors: 30 Carbine compatible with the following arbors
Laser Boresight Models

7mm 08/308
243 Win
270 Win
264 Win
300 Win.
300 Wea.
12 Ga

50 Cal

44 Rem Mag
45 ACP
38 SPEC/357
45 Colt
40 S&W

Boresights and Arbors sold separately.
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AimSHOT Universal Laser Boresight

The AimSHOT Universal Laser Boresight is the most complete, accurate, easy and inexpensive way to accurately boresight your weapon. Just slide the AimSHOT Laser Boresight cartridge into the caliber-specific sleeve in your rifle chamber and a laser dot is projected down the exact centerline of your barrel for boresighter diagramextremely accurate scope or sight adjustment. Boresighters and cartridge sleeves are meticulously engineered with precision for a flawlessly centered dot every time.

An invaluable tool for any gun enthusiast, this boresighting unit will save time and ammunition while allowing you to sight your weapon in areas where discharging a firearm may not be possible and takes up no more space in your pocket than a rifle cartridge. Convenient on/off switch means you don't have to have the action closed and locked to activate the laser.laser boresight pouch

A durable nylon case is included with bore sights. It is specially designed to hold your bore sight along with all the arbors you need for your firearms. Organizes any combination of arbors and boresights in a convenient case to take anywhere

AimShot Boreshight and Arbor comparability table
Boresight Arbor Use for Caliber
223 or
223 (20X)
None 223 Rem, 5.6 Nato, 6 x 47, 6 X 45, .257 Kimber
12 Gauge 12 Gauge
20 Gauge 20 Gauge
50 Cal. 50 Cal.
22-250 22-250
7.62 X 39 7.62X39, 220 Swift, 303 British
30 - 30 Win. 30/30 Win, 32 Win., .375 Win, 225 Win
.25 - 06 30 - 06, 25/06, .270win, 35 Whelen, 280
264 264 Win, 7mmMAG, .338 Win, 7mm Weatherby, 340 Weatherby, 257 Weatherby, .358 Norma Mag, .308 Norma Mag, 7mm Shooting Times Westerner
243 243 Win, 308, 7mm-08, 260, 6mm, 7.62 x 54, .307 Win, 444 Marlin, 220 Jay Bird, 22 Mark-2, .356, 7mm Shooting Times Easterner, 7.62 x 51, 358 Win
300 Win 300 Win
300 Weatherby 300 Weatherby
7mmRSM/7mmWSM 7mm Remington Short Mag, 7mm Winchester Short Mag
270WSM/300WSM 270 Winchester Short Mag, 300 Winchester Short Mag
7mmRUM, 300RSAUM 7mm Remington Ultra Mag, 300 Remington Short Action Ultra Mag
375 H & H 375 H & H
270 Weatherby 270 Weatherby
8mm/.416 8mm/.416
9mm None 9mm, 9x19mm
17 HMR None 17 HMR
30 Carbine None 30 Carbine
38 SPEC/357 38 Special, 357 Mag
40 S&W 40 S&W
44 Rem Mag 44 Rem Mag
45 ACP 45 ACP
45 Colt 45 Colt

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AimShot Laser Bore sights

AimShot  Laser Bore sights

AimShot Laser Sight Arbors

AimShot Laser Sight Arbors

New Green Lasers are here:
- 8100 5mw

The AimSHOT Green Laser Sight features a 532nm green laser diode that has a visible range of 400 yards in broad daylight and 4 mile at night. This laser sight is water-resistant, approximately 50-100 times brighter than traditional red laser sights

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